Kendrick Tube Amp Webinars

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Every Tuesday Night from 7 PM to 8 PM Central Time, Gerald Weber hosts his Tube Amp Webinar. You will learn as he analyzes circuits and points out the distinctions of various different circuits, why they sound like they do, what to do to change them, the "how to's" of tube amp modifications, etc. Easy to understand. You simply click on the URL in your weekly email invitation and use either a telephone calling a toll-free number, or the headset and microphone on your computer.


In Fact, if you are not currently enrolled in my Tuesday Night Tube Guitar Amplifier Webinar, and you would like to try it out; I will give you a 30 day Almost Free Trial. I say almost free because I am charging a dollar. I would give it to you for free, but I have to charge at least a dollar in order to process your request through my website.


Here is what some current participants have to say about it:

"I learned more in 15 minutes of the Tube Amp webinar than I've learned in the past 15 years on my own. Thanks a million for sharing your genius."
~ Jerry Stigall
"These Tube Amp webinars are extremely valuable even for a tube amp novice."
~ Charlie Campbell
"I always learn something and would join every night if it were possible. I love being a part of the Tube Amp Webinar sessions!"
~ Ron Bradford
I very much enjoyed the discussion and found it very useful and informative - the hour seemed to be gone in no time. I guess that's what happens when you're having fun!
~ David Anderson

You don't have to take their word for it, because you can enroll yourself for a 30-day Almost free trial for only one thin dollar... Only a tenth of a sawbuck. Yes, a mere single! - I promise you will get more value than that during the first few minutes of your first webinar.


Small print: If you have a Pay Pal account, you will only be charged only $1 now. You can cancel at any time. After the 30 days, to continue attending the webinars, you will be automatically charged $49.95 monthly. If you don't have a Pay Pal account, call us and we can get you setup via credit card or check.

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