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Kendrick Amplifiers, Tube Amps, Guitars, Books, DVDs, and Tube Amp Parts ~ Welcome!
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Click on the samples below to listen to them here

Click on the samples below to listen to them. Use the controls on the right to stop and start playback.


Bad Ass Man

sample 1

Both Input - Rhythm and Lead S.G. Bridge

sample 2

Both Input - Rhythm Strat Neck - Lead Strat Bridge then Neck

sample 3

Both Input Rhythm Tele Neck and Bridge Melody Tele Neck

sample 4

Clean Input - Rhythm and Lead T.H. Neck

sample 5

Clean Input - Rhythm and Lead Tele Bridge

sample 6

Lead Input - Rhythm T.H. Bridge - Lead T.H. Bridge then Neck.mp3

Terry Oubre - So-Lo 7

sample 1

SG Rhythm TH Lead. (Brite Down)

sample 2

SG Rhythm TH Lead. (Brite Up)

sample 3

Strat Neck P.U. (Brite Down)

sample 4

Strat Neck P.U. (Brite Up)

sample 5

Strat Rhythm & Lead (Brite Down)

sample 6

Strat Rhythm & Lead (Brite Up)

sample 7

T.H. Dirty Rhythm (Brite Down)

sample 8

T.H. Dirty Rhythm (Brite Up)

sample 9

Archtop (Brite Off)

sample 10

Tele (Brite Down)

Terry Oubre - K-15

sample 1

Mustang Neck

sample 2

SG Rhythm T.H. Lead

sample 3

Strat Rhythm Strat Lead

sample 4

Tele Neck - Rhythm and Lead

sample 5

Tele Rhythm Strat Lead

Joy Zee Amp Kit

sample 1

Black Face Tone

sample 2

Marshall Tone

sample 3

Tweed Tone

sample 4

Vox Tone

Gig Rig and Texas Series Samples

Terry Oubre - Gig Rig 1
Terry Oubre - Gig Rig 2
Terry Oubre - Gig Rig 3
Terry Oubre - Spindletop 4
Terry Oubre - Roughneck
Terry Oubre - Roughneck
Terry Oubre - Roughneck
Terry Oubre - Gusher
Terry Oubre - Spindletop 1
Terry Oubre - Spindletop 2
Terry Oubre - Spindletop 3
Terry Oubre - Pipeline
Terry Oubre - Pipeline

Demo 1

Gerald plays the Kendrick Townhouse guitar with bridge humbucker through the left channel of your stereo system. The right side features the single coil Continental.

Demo 2

Same amp setup as demo 1 but the Townhouse pickup switch is in the middle and the Continental pickup selector is set to bridge.

Demo 3

On demo 3 Gerald plays the Continental bridge pickup on the left side while the Townhouse bridge humbucker is playing through overdrive on the right side.

Demo 4

Gerald sets the single coil Continental to neck and plays lead through the left channel and plays rhythm on the Townhouse bridge humbucker on the right channel.

Demo 5

This time the Continental is set to "in between" neck/middle position for rhythm on the left channel and also plays the Continental neck position for lead on the right channel.

Demo 6

The Townhouse with the bridge humbucker rocks with overdrive on the left channel. The Continental is set for neck/middle for rhythm guitar on the right channel.

Demo 7

The Continental shows off its Texas Tone with the neck pickup through the left channel. The Townhouse/neck pickup plays the blues rhythm through the right channel.

Demo 8

Continental rhythm neck/middle through the left channel and the Continental neck pickup plays the lead on the right.

Demo 9

The left channel has the Continental bridge pickup playing lead.The Continental is set on the neck pickup for clean acoustic guitar-like tone, once again on the right side.

Demo 10

Kendrick employee Andy McWilliams plays the Continental through two amps. He fingerpicks the guitar with the bridge/middle pickups selected on the left. He plays the bridge pickup into a cranked amp on the right

Black Gold Series

sample 1

Black Gold Series Sample 1

sample 2

Black Gold Series Sample 2

sample 3

Black Gold Series Sample 3

sample 4

Black Gold Series Sample 4

sample 5

Black Gold Series Sample 5

sample 6

Black Gold Series Sample 6


Model 118 Practice Amp

sample 1

Model 118 Sample 1

sample 2

Model 118 Sample 2

sample 3

Model 118 Sample 3

Harp Amp Sample

Harp Amp Sample - representative of both the Specialty Harp Amp and the Texas Crude Series Harp Amp


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