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DVD 2 - Understanding Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers
DVD 2 - Understanding Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers Quantity in Basket: None
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Understanding Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers – Nearly four hours of essential vacuum tube circuit concepts. You will learn about resistance, capacitance, reactance, gain, preamps, output stages, tube types, power supplies, tone circuits, biasing, and all the basic concepts needed to really understand what is going on in your amp. There is a segment where we go through several classic vintage circuits – component by component – to show what each component does, how it affects tone, and what will happen if you alter the component’s value. Organized by topic, with point-and-click navigation, you can use this DVD as a handy reference anytime you wish to review. This DVD was filmed live, during an actual “Tube Guitar Amplifier” training seminar, so you will hear real questions asked by real people and you will learn the real answers. Whether you are a guitar player wanting to learn about tube amps or a seasoned tech, you are certain to find enormous value in DVD2.

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