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DVD_3_Vacuum_Tube_Guitar_Amplifier_Forum Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 054
Price: $69.95

When Gerald Weber hosted his Tube Guitar Amplifier Forum in Houston, Texas, the entire event was filmed for this new DVD and you can have a front-row experience and the ability to review by topic for a mere fraction of what it would have costed to attend. Imagine sitting on the front row of Gerald Weber’s Tube Guitar Amplifier Forum! You will learn more in 4 hours than you could have otherwise in 5 years!

Premium digital quality video with point and click navigation for easy and quick reviewing. Learn about:

Wirewound & Carbon Composition Resistors,

Chokes & how they are used,

Output transformer design,

Phase inverters,

Push-pull & single-ended output stages,

Class A and Class AB operation,


Pentode preamps,

Field Coil Speakers and converting them,

Electrolytic capacitors,

Signal tracing & Troubleshooting,

Improving sustain,

Isolating Hum,

DC & AC circuits,

Which stock components to change for optimum tone,

Bypass capacitors & how they affect tone,

Preamp Tube Biasing,

Power Supplies,

Parasitic Circuits & their cures,

Power Attenuator design,

Tube Amp design,

Speaker design,

Tone stacks explained,

Cabinet Woods,

Reverb design,

And much, much more.....

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