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Sound Advice From Gerald Weber
Sound Advice From Gerald Weber Quantity in Basket: None
Code: KEN-05-Book-5
Price: $42.95
Gerald Weber has written his 5th book, "Sound Advice from Gerald Weber" a new tube amplifier book with over 500 pages

In Gerald’s 5th book about Vacuum Tube Amplifiers, he answers over 300 questions including:

Page 82 – Adding a 3-knob reverb on any blackface amp for under $10

Page 85 – Getting Blues Harp tone from any guitar amp

Page 95 – How to re-lacquer a tweed amp

Page 104 - Converting a Bassman to cathode bias

Page 122 – Line out mod for any tube amp

Page 130 – Getting the “Layla” tone from your Tweed Champ

Page 137 – Rewiring a 6SC7 to 12AX7

Page 150 – Converting 6L6’s to 6V6’s on Twin, Showman, Pro or Bandmaster

Page 162 – Filter Chokes de-mystified

Page 173 – Putting reverb on both channels of a Fender amp

Page 226 – Troubleshooting any reverb circuit

Page 241 – Amp mods for 12-string Electric use

Page 288 – Understanding Electronic Concepts

Page 319 – Troubleshooting noise, hum and hiss

Page 366 – Diode Clipping

Page 373 – Negative Feedback Explained

Page 374 – Output transformer/Speaker deliberate mismatch

Page 399 – Speaker Codes

Page 402 – Converting 7591A to 6L6

Page 429 – Testing a pot for Audio or Linear taper

Page 465 – Switchable tube/solid-state rectifier

Page 483 – Reading resistor codes

Page 489 – Calculating resistor wattage

Page 519 – Grounding tips and tricks

Page 528 – Calculating Wattage Output

And much, much more.

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