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Black Gold 5 (discontinued)
Black Gold 5 (discontinued) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: KEN01-BG5
Price: $0.00
Shipping Weight: 20.00 units
Choose Covering:
Natural Canarywood Finish
Black Tolex
Creme Tolex
Brown Tolex
Red Tolex
Purple Tolex
Snake Tolex
Vintage Lacquered Tweed
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The new Black Gold 5. We have reinvented the Black Gold 5. The innards are now entirely point-to-point on a Garolite board (same as the Gerald Weber Signature amp). A GZ34 rectifier tube was added which dramatically improved sustain. With the 10" Kendrick speaker, reverb, choice of hardwood canarywood cabinet or Tolex covered antique pine; this 5 watt wonder rips. It is fixed bias Class A design with a single 6L6 tube running at 50 mA single ended. (This in itself is very unique) You have never heard a better clean tone coming from a small amp. The overdrive is orchestral and rich with harmonics. Play your bridge humbucker with the amp set for overdrive and you might think you are playing through an octavia!

1x10" Speaker configuration

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