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Half Watt Mini Amp
Half Watt Mini Amp Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $29.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 units
Introducing the Kendrick 1/2 watt (9-volt battery powered) Guitar amplifier. It fits in your pocket and has its own 2" speaker. It features an output jack that will drive any speaker cabinet - even a 4X12 cabinet! Put it in your gig bag and jam out in your motel room without security telling you to turn down. Wonderful overdriven sound with plenty of rich harmonics. Comments from Gerald: The 1/2 watt amp is a lot of fun. It can be used as a practice amp or even as a booster with the output running into another amp. It will drive an auxiliary speaker. And best of all you can play it anywhere - in the car, in the park, at the beach, etc. A 9-volt battery last a long time.

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