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So-Lo 7
So-Lo 7 Quantity in Basket: None
Code: KEN0104-so-lo7
Price: $2,195.00
Shipping Weight: 20.00 units
  Brazilian Canarywood Hardwood Cabinet Option

The all new Kendrick So-Lo 7 recording/practice/gigging combo amp delivers the unmistakable tone and the unique feel of a big amp, yet weighs only 22 lbs! The secret comes from the true push-pull design - like a Marshall or a Twin, but using a twin triode output tube (12BH7), which puts out 3.5 watts per side for a total of a full 7 watts. ***Note: There is also an extra tube socket that can accept an extra 12BH7 which will put the amp at a full 14 watts for small club gigs, should one desire more power. This optional extra tube is entirely plug and play and no adjustment is needed.

Voiced to sound exactly like a Blackface Super Reverb amp but at a fraction of the volume and about a 1/3 of the weight, we have carried this to a new level by adding a "Texas Tea" control which can layer a Tweed tone on top of the default blackface voicing. Add just a little "Texas Tea" and you get that two-amp, Stevie Ray tone. Turn it all the way down and you have pure blackface tone. Turn it up and the tweed voice overshadows the blackface voice and you have pure tweed tone.

For tonal variations on a theme, there is a three-way slider switch that goes between a stock voicing; a more compressed jazz voicing (slightly less gain with more compression) and a more cutting lead voicing (think British).

Transformer driven, Tube/spring Hammond-style reverb is standard. This is the same circuit used on all blackface Reverb amps and includes an on/off footswitch.

The on-board power attenuator can be used when 7 watts is too loud. It will go from the full 7 watts all the way down to "off".

A headphone output jack automatically disconnects the 12" Kendrick Greenframe speaker so that you can rehearse privately, without anyone else hearing it. You can actually use the built-in power attenuator as a headphone volume control, thus allowing you to turn the amp up and the headphones down.

Unique 1/2" thick pine cabinet resonates much better than standard 3/4" pine used in almost a other amps. Leather handle, lacquered tweed covering is standard, however custom colored Tolex and grillcloth is also available without extra charge.

Another option is the Brazilian Canarywood Hardwood cabinet. Canarywood has been proven to have more focus and clarity than other woods. Each custom Canarywood cabinet is handcrafted by a semi-famous cabinetmaker. The wood is hand rubbed with Tung Oil to a mirror-like luster. The upcharge for the Canarywood option is $500.

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