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Kendrick 100 watt 4X10 Harp Combo
Kendrick 100 watt 4X10 Harp Combo Quantity in Basket: None
Code: KEN0105_100watt_Harp
Price: $3,295.00
Originally, the 100 watt 4X10 w/ reverb was designed for a famous Italian Harp virtuoso as the ultimate Tube Harp Amplifiers, this higher powered 4X10 Kendrick Harp Amp is also available in a 60 watt, which looks the same, but has a different output stage. Would you like to be heard? Both the 60 Watt and the 100 watt amp slice right through a mix and command instant respect. No longer do you have to trust your sound man! And when you can hear yourself well, it is so much easier to control the nuance of your attack. Each amp features: * Channel Blending to blend both channels for a thicker sound. * Classic transformer driven Hammond tube spring reverb * Full tone stack with Treble, Middle, and Bass Controls that are voiced specifically for Harmonica. * Matched 6L6 ouptut stage - a pair for the 60 watt, a quad for the 100 watt * the 60 watt uses four KENDRICK blackframe speakers * the 100 watt uses four FANE ceramic 10" speakers * 20 foot AC cord * All point to point handwired constructions * Custom transformers * Solid Pine cabinetry * Choice of covering - Tolex, Vintage Tweed or Nico-Tweed (picture shown in Creme Tolex)

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