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The Kendrick Canary Guitar
The Kendrick Canary Guitar Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $3,995.00
Shipping Weight: 25.00 units

When doing research to find the perfect tonewood for a speaker cabinet, we discovered an obscure tonewood from Brazil. Perhaps the most impressive characteristic of the Brazilian Canarywood was its sonic focus and purity. The wood possessed a clarity not found in other woods. Besides being louder than other woods, the tones didnít break down into subtones like other woods. So there was more fundamental, thus allowing a more round, bass flute-like quality to the sustaining portion of the note. We reasoned that if this wood sounded so superior for guitar amp speaker cabinets, that we should try it as a guitar top. So we made a version of our Townhouse guitar with the Canarywood cap instead of the traditional maple. The result was quite impressive; we call it the Canary Guitar. The guitar sounds acoustically better than other guitars and is so loud without an amplifier that is could compete favorably with an acoustic guitar. All the other features are of finest quality like our other guitars. The body is old growth Honduran mahogany and everything is finished with hand-mixed nitro-cellulose lacquer. All guitars are hand-built by our master luthier. From the handcarved neck to the carved top, it is all there. This guitar compares favorably with guitars selling for two to four times the price.

It's light, it's balanced, with a belly-cut, and it feels good. The tone is both pure and focused.

Features: 24 3/4 scale length, custom wound pickups, choice of neck shape, choice of color, choice of serial number,

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