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Kendrick Powerglide Attenuator
Kendrick Powerglide Attenuator Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $599.00
Shipping Weight: 3.81 units
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Would you like to "CRANK" your amp to the point of "power tube" distortion, but can't because the "Sound Police" are standing outside your door with a decibel meter?


Is the ringing in your ears -not going away?!!


Is your amp just TOO DAMN LOUD?


Has your dog been eyeing your juglar vein when you turn on your amp?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you need a Kendrick Power Glide.

The Kendrick Power Glide is a passive device that connects between your amp and your speaker. Because of the clever arangement of electronic components, the correct ratios of voltage and current are cut - so the impedance stays correct.

The unit also features a slave output which has a variable trim pot. The Slave output can be varied to provide signal for a tape deck, mixer, auxillary amplifier, effects,etc.

There is a 6 position rotary switch on the Power Glide. Each of the six positions cut the volume in half from the previous position, so you can go from true bypass, let's say 100 watts for example, down to 50 watts; down to 25 watts; down to 12.5 watts; down to 6.25 watts; down to 3.12 watts. Without altering your tone and while maintaining proper impedance load on your amplifier, it can take a hundred watts down to three, and "all points in between".

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