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Book 3 - Tube Guitar Amplifier Essentials
Book 3 - Tube Guitar Amplifier Essentials Quantity in Basket: None
Code: KEN05-Book3
Price: $42.95
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Gerald's Book Three, "Tube Guitar Amplifier Essentials" on sale NOW ! Someone get me a bottle of Dom Perignon. It has been a long time working on this one and it's definitely my best work yet. Eight years in all! The book has 528 pages of all new material not found in my other books. It has tons of information. More than 60 chapters. There's a section on Getting the Most from your amp, Non-Technical Tips for the Guitarist, Speakers, Tubes, Transformers, Rectifiers, Troubleshooting and Repair, Modifications, Amp Building, Capacitors, Biasing, Power Attenuation and a couple of hundred pages of Questions and Answers. The Q&A is sectioned off into Fender, Gibson, Marshall, Danelectro/Silvertone, Vox, Other American, Other British, and Miscellaneous.

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