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DVD 1 - Tube Guitar Amp Servicing and Overhaul
DVD 1 - Tube Guitar Amp Servicing and Overhaul Quantity in Basket: None
Code: KEN05-DVD1
Price: $69.95
Shipping Weight: 0.25 units
Almost 4 hours of indexed tube guitar amplifier servicing and overhauling instruction in High Definition DVD  format. Point-and-Click Navigation allows access to any topic instantly! 

It starts with very elementary topics and works up to heavier and heavier topics.  Before we had DVDs, we had three VHS videos. These VHS videos have been discontinued and the entire content of all three of my instructional VHS videos can be found on this HD professionally done DVD. Included is advanced information such as determining transformer impedances of an unknown transformer and other really cool stuff to know.

This is offered at a great savings to you. It cost me 50 grand to make and I will sell you a copy for only $69.95 plus $6 shipping.

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