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Kendrick Harp Amp Kit
Kendrick Harp Amp Kit Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $1,195.00
This is the partially assembled Harp Amp Chassis as is used in the Kendrick Texas Crude Harp Amp, the Canary Harp Amp and the 25 watt and 35 watt 1X12 Harp Amp Combo. These are 90% complete. The component board and tube sockets and pots and jacks are already wired up. The only thing needed to complete the chassis build is to install the transformers and the AC circuit. The AC circuit would be the AC cord, the switch, and the fuse. Since the only difference between the 25 watt and the 35 watt is the transformers and tubes, send us an email at and let us know if you want the 25 watt (6V6 output tubes) or the 35 watt (6L6 output tubes).

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