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35 watt 1X12 Combo Harp Amp
35 watt 1X12 Combo Harp Amp Quantity in Basket: None
Code: KEN_105_35_HARP
Price: $2,295.00
Super lightweight and portable, but with a huge sound. The 35 watt 1X12 Vintage Harp Amp is identical to the KENDRICK TEXAS CRUDE 35 Harp Amp pictured at the top, however it features a smaller and lighter weight 1950's style vintage solid pine cabinet covered in classic lacquered tweed and 6L6 output tubes (35 watt) Features:

* Two channels (grind and extra-grind)

* Compound Single-knob tone stack

* Point to Point handwired construction

* Carbon composition resistors

* Custom-made KENDRICK filter capacitors

* Custom-made KENDRICK 12" Blackframe speaker (Kim Wilson's favorite)

* Antifeedback circuitry and low pass filters

* Voiced specifically for Harp

* Waveform symmetry Control to help eliminate annoying feedback

* Very lightweight (weighs 35 lbs)

* Pair of 6L6 output tubes

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