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How to Ship a Tube Amp!

  • Box up your amp with appropriate packing materials (bubble wrap preferred).


  • Pack it at least three to four inches thick on all sides.


  • Use a heavy duty cardboard box and send it to us by UPS or FED EX.


  • Request a tracking number and insure the package.


  • Be sure to include a letter with your daytime phone number, return ship address and a cover letter explaining what you want us to accomplish with your amp.


  • Upon receiving your amp, we will give it a thorough examination - checking all caps, resistors, transformers, voltages, tubes, etc..


  • We will then call you with an itemized list of everything needed to bring your amp to optimum performance.


  • We don't charge by the hour and our diagnosis is free! After you authorize the work to be completed, we will perform the work and ship your amp after a few days. 

  • If you need your amp "yesterday!" - a small "rush charge" will insure a quick turn around. If you need more information, please feel free to call us!
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