Service your Tube Amp!

Kendrick has serviced over ten thousand amps on five continents. We are absolutely certain that we can make your amp sound better than it ever has. Here is how it works:

1. You send us your Amp (instructions for packing click here).

2. We will do a FREE diagnosis and call you back for FREE consultation after we look at the amp.

3. We will only do the work you approve, test the amp and guarantee our work. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

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Expert Repairs and Restorations of Vintage Tube Amps.

Your tube amp may function, yet not perform!

Electrolytic capacitors lose much of their effectiveness after 10 years, causing weak and mushy response and often times annoying hum. Resistor values drift, connections get corroded and components wear out. At Kendrick, we are known for bringing dead tube amps back to life. We can make your vintage tube amp sound better than it ever sounded. Also, our recovering department can re-cover your amp in aged tweed, tolex or virtually anything you want. Speakers, grill cloth, handles, knobs, hardware - no problem.

You tune your guitar every time you play, but, when was the last time your amp was tuned? If you are like most people, it's been too long.

Another feature of our service department is "amplifier voicing". Sometimes returning an amp back to stock condition is enough and sometimes the client may request a tone modification or some kind of special "tweaking" of the tonal characteristics. We know the technical side of tube amplification "inside out", and know how to "sculpt" the amplifier circuit to achieve the tone you are hearing in your head. At Kendrick we don't really believe in unnecessary mods and so called "hot rod" gimmicks. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We go the "extra mile" to give our clients what they want! We have serviced and restored over 10,000 vintage tube amps since 1989 and have earned the trust and confidence of our clients by our commitment to quality work.

So don't put it off, your tone can't wait!

Box up your amp and send it to us by UPS or FED EX. Request a tracking number and insure the package. Be sure to include a letter with your daytime phone number, return ship address and a cover letter explaining what you want us to accomplish with your amp.

Upon receiving your amp, we will give it a thorough examination - checking all caps, resistors, transformers, voltages, tubes, etc.. We will then call you with an itemized list of everything needed to bring your amp to optimum performance. We don't charge by the hour and our diagnosis is free! After you authorize the work to be completed, we will perform the work and ship your amp after a few days. If you need your amp "yesterday!" - a small "rush charge" will insure a quick turn around. If you need more information, please feel free to call us!

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